Wpf combobox binding selecteditem not updating

Event Listener truncates strings with embedded nulls.

Null characters are not supported by the Event Source class.

The Target Framework Name was previously null in the default app domain, unless it was explicitly set.

Beginning in 4.6, the Target Framework Name property for the default app domain will have a default value derived from the Target Framework Attribute (if one is present).

This can typically done by explicitly casting the methods' type parameters as Type.

Update scripts to clearly indicate which overload should be used.

The app should not require modification because of this change. NET Framework 4.5 to 4.6.2, review the following topics for application compatibility issues that may affect your app: Beginning in the . NET Framework will attempt to automatically reconnect broken SQL connections.

Although this will typically make apps more reliable, there are edge cases in which an app needs to know that the connection was lost so that it can take some action upon reconnection.

Also, Min Supported Date Time is now Be aware that some early or late dates may be slightly different when using the Persian Calendar in . Also, when serializing dates between processes which may run on different . NET methods began throwing first chance Entry Point Not Found Exceptions. Net Framework, but could break test automation that did not expect the first chance exceptions.

NET Framework versions, do not store them as Persian Calendar date strings (since those values may be different). These same APIs break some Api Verifier scenarios when High Version Lie is enabled.

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Edge case This is a change that affects apps under very specific scenarios that are not common.

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