Sharepoint rss feeds not updating

Another options is to use the Content Search Web Part. Share Point 2013/Online supports the creation of Result Sources using the Open Search 1.0/1.1 protocol.

And the beauty of this protocol is that the response is in Atom or RSS format.

We all know the RSS web part which came with 2010 is a bit limited, and it’s still there in 2013.

So if you don’t have any requirements to do authentication on the RSS and you’re in love with XSLT, the web part is there for you my friend!

I am still fairly new to Share Point and do not have much development experience in it. I've checked the forums for similar posts but can't seem to find any answers.

We have an rss feed that shows calendar events in the RSS Feed Web Part viewer and we now receive this error.

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Below is a screenshot of setting up a result source to retrieve the latest news from CNN.

I have also removed the query template as I won’t be doing a query – I just want the feed.

Do collections not function in the way I'd like to use them?

I’m doing an assessment for migrating a 2010 solution to 2013, and one of the custom solutions installed was an RSS reader web part.

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