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He was on target to graduate in a few months, and he'd landed an internship with a wealth management company.But in December 2015, Kollias' life and future were upended after a seemingly insignificant decision to tag along with a teammate who got invited to a gathering by a young woman.By early Saturday morning, their captors began to clean up the house, sopping up blood in the bathroom and putting Kollias, who was still profusely bleeding from his bullet wound and a gash to the head, in the shower."I was sitting there for 30 minutes, just like the whole entire tub is red with blood everywhere," Kollias recalled.As he and the other victim were moved to a barren room with an inflatable mattress, Kollias began to ponder his surroundings: the chair in which he sat in the shower, the crutches sitting idly by and the pain medication given to them by one masked man.Despite his parents' misgivings, Kollias chose an out-of-state school, enrolling as a business student at the University of Rochester in New York, which has a renowned music program and where he could play Division III football.Kollias was crushed when an knee injury sidelined him for senior season, but things were still looking up.

It made me feel like they had done this before and like gotten away it."Though much of the torture seemed pointless to Kollias, the men forced the men to hand over their bank cards and reveal their PIN numbers, firing a gun near their heads as coercion. Nicholas Kollias, right, receives physical therapy from therapist Mike Bruszer, left, at Athletico inside the East Bank Club in Chicago on Feb. Kollias survived being kidnapped and tortured in 2015 in Rochester, NY, and is still in therapy dealing with the aftermath of the attack.Without explanation, he began undoing the bindings around Kollias' legs and hands and told him he was free to go. He recalled thinking that his leg was in two pieces and, "I can't go anywhere." Seconds later, though, the entire house suddenly lit up.Kollias said at first he thought his abductors were burning down the house.After years of lessons, he'd become a skilled classical pianist.And in 2012, the middle child of a self-made businessman became the first in his family to attend college.

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(Provided by Nicholas Kollias)Broken bones, a bloodied bathtub Beaten and bewildered, Kollias sat on the bathroom floor with his friend, not knowing their whereabouts or why they were targeted.

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