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Still, she added, “it messed me up” and “my trust issues are terrible.” “I think it’s important to talk about because it’s made me feel less alone when other women have come forward about being sexually assaulted,” Schumer told Stern. People want you to have been raped perfectly, and they want you to be a perfect victim.” She added that when she’s addressed the topic in her standup comedy, she’s called it “grape,” or gray-area rape, arguing that most people have a very rigid idea of how a sexual assault victim should behave and that date rape victims especially face a lot of scrutiny.

“We’re so critical, and it makes victims really not want to speak up,” Schumer said.

You originally wanted to call your book "Howard Stern Has a Small Penis." No, I wanted to call it is No. I know some sponsors would complain, but I'm sick of hearing Billy Crystal talk about his latest fucking picture and all that bullshit.

The show's got to be about me, not about the guest.

Schumer said she stayed with the boyfriend, and even reassured her assailant when he felt remorseful.

" He reaches up and pulls the black cover over the sunroof glass. The whole point of the radio show is complete honesty. I mean, I think I could have gotten the Barbi twins. I got to admit that I would really love to fuck everybody. So women somehow think that that's being a misogynist or being a pig. I've never really sat there and told her that I lived in an all-black neighborhood, and that's why I was so fucking depressed, because I think that would send the wrong message to her, as if black people were bad. No, I think Beavis and Butt-head are very original. I have a hard time, like, schmoozing with celebrities. So you invite Richard Simmons over but not Letterman? And then Chuck's new girlfriend walks in, the 21-year-old aerobics instructor. I'd be laying there vibrating her for over an hour, and I'm like sleeping through it, so I stopped using it, and I just told her, "All I like is intercourse; this fore-play is bullshit."How's that going? [Did you have to move a couple of times because your daughters were being threatened? I had to move because I didn't have any privacy. I noticed when I was at the studio during the show, Jackie "the Joke Man" Martling is constantly feeding you jokes. And I'm reading it, and I go, "Oh, this isn't me. Every time I hear my mother's voice going, "You are the most special little boy in the whole world," I hear my father going, "You fucking asshole, you are a piece of shit."You said that you think the real Howard is the one on the air, not the one at home watching TV.

His mother, Ray, was, he claims, so over-protective that she once told him to wear a pair of her panties when he had no undies of his own. It never used to get to her, but she's like I's there anything between us that we don't share with your audience? They're in school or getting ready for school. If you're going to tell me that you can't discuss penis, it's got to be the same law for everybody. I criticized You hate being likened to Rush Limbaugh, and yet there are similarities. You're both hard-core anti-crime, anti-welfare.... Well, you're going to find a lot of similarity between me and Rush Limbaugh, because he got his entire fucking show from me. You don't want to stereotype a whole race and say they have a tremendous sense of humor. But there was a self-effacing humor in the black community that was incredible. So, when he'd call, I didn't know what I was supposed to do. I had Chuck Norris and his girlfriend and Joe Piscopo and his girlfriend to my house. When I have long hair, you can't tell how skinny my neck is, so I look a little better. If I could just be good-looking, it would be so much easier.

Howard Stern's Universe: Robin Quivers, Crackhead Bob and 14 More People to Know A disc jockey who hated jockeying, he worked his way up: Hartford, Conn., Detroit, Washington and, finally, New York City, where comic transgressions like his Lesbian Dial-a-Date, combined with autobiographical rants and unfiltered riffs on the news, made him No. His syndicated five-hour show grew to an audience of 3 million. The FCC fined him for indecency, while even his bull's-eye men's-room manifesto that became the fastest-selling book in Simon and Schuster's 72-year history. Rupert Murdoch was talking to him about filling Chevy Chase's vacant late-night chair on Fox. When women come in and want to give us massages, she really gives me shit. I think it's neat, though, to get a positive review. I'm not saying it was Hemingway, but it was something that conveyed a story. Do you see yourself as a crusader for free speech in the tradition of comedians such as Lenny Bruce and George Carlin? I never said, "Hey, I'm going to go out and break every boundary out there." And I never envisioned all this First Amendment hoopla. A guy would say, "You motherfuckin' nigger," and the other one would go, "Your mother's a nasty-haired, big-lipped bitch," and these guys would go back and forth all day, and it was funny fuckin' stuff. I don't think I'm a racist; I don't do it out of hatred, I do it because I think it's funny. Do I worry about what the audience's reaction is going to be? You have to assume that they're reasonably intelligent enough to know that a guy on the radio shouldn't be formulating every opinion of theirs.

What Review In Pasadena, he signs books and breasts and pregnant bellies for seven hours, pausing only for bathroom breaks. I'll tell you what's frightening about it: I can't win this fight against the FCC, because they're bureaucrats, and they've got all the time in the world, and they're going to sit there and just wear me down. You complain that there's too much ass kissing and image control that goes on in the world of media and celebrity. For a long time, you wouldn't do any interviews, and you have strict rules about how you can be photographed. They're sort of the skeptical, cynical, I-don't believe-a-fuckin'-thing-I-hear people. I couldn't give a shit what the audience's reaction is going to be.

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"I've tried to elevate the role of disc jockey to somewhere beyond circus clown and carnival barker."He just turned 40. First of all, seeing me on a traditional talk show like Leno or Letterman would be enough to beat them. Jay is like a deer that's been hit in the woods by a couple of bullets.

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