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That's on top of spending huge amounts of money on astroturf campaigns and public relations offensives to smear anything advocating universal healthcare, such as Michael Moore's film So that's why I asked Gladwell about AHIP.

But to give you an idea of just how serious they are, it was recently revealed that AHIP slipped the Chamber of Commerce over 0 million to lobby against government-run health insurance during Obama's push for healthcare reform.

Of course, Gladwell isn't as crude as Beck in his delivery, but in substance, he's closer than I or most people would ever have imagined. Puzzled, I wrote back: Malcolm, I assume this is the paragraph you're referring to: The article, headlined "Not Smoking Could Be Hazardous to Pension System," was not reporting new news, but simply recycling stale tobacco propaganda: a —some of the same foundations that funneled cash to one of Gladwell's first employers, the Ethics and Public Policy Center. Are you aware that the study you used as the basis for your article was a favorite of Philip Morris as well? 2) How much is the Society for Human Resource Management paying you to speak at their event in Atlanta on June 25.

At least people don't mistake Beck for a journalist—whereas Gladwell is ordained by the "journalism" pieces. So that's why I was so curious for answers to my questions about his upcoming (at the time of my email) speaking events. Can we start with the original article in the Washington Post that apparently caught your eye? Can you explain to me why you interpreted that article as being in the interests of the tobacco industry? Could you comment on the fact that the study you used in your article was cited favorably by Philip Morris, and placed on a list of talking points that they promoted to counter the "claim" that smokers cost Medicare more than nonsmokers? 3) How much did Bank of America pay you for that multi-city speaking gig back in November 2011?

Both gigs presented obvious conflicts of interest for Malcolm Gladwell, assuming he or the still believe that journalists shouldn't take money from the people they write about.

The problem is this: Malcolm Gladwell has written about healthcare issues and unions on several occasions, oftentimes in ways that synced with the interests of AHIP and SHRM.

And now all of a sudden they were saying that they shouldn't be regulated because they were killing their customers before they reached retirement age!

Writing about that study wasn't "shilling" for the tobacco industry. It was exposing the absurdity of the tobacco industry's position.

For Gladwell to airbrush corporate power out of the picture like that and instead lay all the blame square on labor unions is the type of skewed, right-wing revisionist history lesson you'd expect from Glenn Beck. The man was exposed in a thoroughly sourced investigation as someone who for 25 years has been consistently promoting the interests of tobacco, pharma and Wall Street, all while posing as a credible journalist— and now that he had the chance of confront his accuser and defend himself, all he wanted to know was what caught my eye about just one of the many articles I cited as evidence? How about the headline, that caught my eye: "Not Smoking Could Be Hazardous to Pension System"? YL 1) How much is AHIP paying you to speak at its June 22 conference in Salt Lake City?

SHRM is one of America's oldest anti-labor/union-busting organizations.

Three days after his speaking engagement at AHIP, on June 25, Gladwell was booked to speak at a Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) event in Atlanta, Georgia.

Again, I hoped to get some answers from him, something to shine a light into the murky world where A-list journalism meets corporate propaganda and somehow manages to conceal it all. I'm interested in what you think of the study's argument.

Here, by the way, is a screenshot of an advertisement for Malcolm's speaking engagement for the health insurance lobby: You probably won't be surprised by Gladwell's response: He didn't answer my questions. Why do you think that someone who writes an article about how smokers die young--and as a result use less social security--is shilling for the tobacco industry? E.'s evidence with counter-evidence of his own; but rather, by engaging me in a game of wordplay footsie. It's as though a vital part of his brain had gone to flab.

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What's the psychology term for someone who answers a question like that? What's really telling is that Gladwell alleged to me that he donated his "fee"—the money Philip Morris paid to him—to "charity." First off, it was a clear admission that Gladwell understood there's something morally and ethically wrong for a journalist to take money from the tobacco industry for speaking engagements.

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