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May is so distraught that she runs out of the house in tears.

The next day, Jase finds May unconscious with an empty vodka bottle.

May later visits Dawn, asking to see Summer and offering her the toys and baby clothes she had collected during Dawn's pregnancy.

Dawn calls the police and allows May to see Summer until the police arrive. May returns, using a false name, and hires Dawn's fiance, Jase Dyer (Stephen Lord), to decorate her house.

Rob leaves May for real, filing for divorce when her behaviour becomes increasingly erratic and irrational.

May reacts by taking pills intended for patients but when challenged, accuses nurse Naomi Julien (Petra Letang) of stealing the pills and forces her to leave the Square. Lulling Dawn into a false sense of security, Rob proposes and she accepts.

Desperate for Rob's baby, May offers Dawn £10,000 to have the baby and allow her to raise her and Dawn agrees.

The doctor tells May that she is not ovulating and therefore unlikely to conceive.

She turns on the gas, lights a cigarette causing an explosion and instantly dies.

In preparing for her role as May, Amanda Drew met a female GP, to learn the structure of May's daily routine.

Dawn tells the hospital not to admit Rob but May tells the hospital staff that she is Dawn's GP and wants to leave a card for her, planning to take Summer but Dawn wakes up.

May asks Dawn to let her take the baby, doubling her original offer, but Dawn refuses so May leaves alone.

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