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Eight hours of applause to the wildly underrated auteur Don Coscarelli for being alone with David Cronenberg as far as making third eye hallucinations real instead of just dreams. through the Lovecraftian looking glass any time, though John’s buddy, the narrator, is a bit of a prude when it comes to diving into the giddy terror of the ‘soy sauce.’ (pair with Cabin in the Woods and/or Iron Sky) Charles B.

Like Naked Lunch, Fear and Loathing or Buckaroo Banzai, this great film exists totally on the hallucinatory level, so there’s no need to demarcate lines between levels of consciousness. Griffith’s and Marc Hana’s droll script, Corman’s dreamlike econo-direction, the array of sexy or otherwise awesomely over-the-top performances, the feeling it was all shot in sequence over a single night in an empty supermarket flooded with fog machines yet almost believably soars back and forth and sideways over a 500 year period, all this and more with The Undead. Beer running through the arboreal dell…Meant to tie in to the then-craze for reincarnation (set in motion by the popularity of the Bridey Murphy story), Pamela Duncan is a street walker hypnotized into past lives, but she ends up derailing the Grand Scheme of Things when she’s able to whisper advice to her about-to-be-beheaded for witchcraft Middle Ages incarnation.

The hero has pouffy 80s hair and a crossbow (he played Kirk Douglas’s telekinetic son in The Fury), and the women are gorgeous, especially the amazingly named Starr Andreef.

It’s October so here’s some recommendations, for the discerning cinematic palette that are all handily available through a mirage of streaming venues.

I’ve seen some disturbing sections of Netflix streaming and other places, one cover after another of frightened girls with dirty noses locked in boxes. So here are ten hot pics with no cages, no torture, no trauma, though Most ‘sci fi/action brom-coms’ get hung up on dick jokes, but if you’re too cool for that stuff then like me you just try to keep calm and look as good as you can when giant bugs, bats, and serpents slither towards you through each passing pedestrian’s shadow.

) and appreciated its keen sympathy for abused nerds, mean girls, and even popular kid meth chemists.

It makes the best use of getting called into the principal’s office as a cause for terror, and provides a keenly-felt amount of dread and frustration with parents that don’t believe you, just tear apart your room looking for drugs the minute you act at all stressed.

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