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Im entered college in 1979, studying Theater and Film at Dongguk University.By this time, she wanted to transition out of teen movies, and into more adult roles.(Mineral Reference); According to the Pigment Compendium, 2008 Cinnabar based pigments only darken when they contain traces of chlorine or exposed to halogens.Also "blackening and fading in vermilion are always due to adulteration ‘by mixture with lake, carmine or by red or orange lead’." (Ref Pigment Compendium p.383); (Picture at mindat.org); Natural mineral said to be more stable than synthetic vermilion (Natural Pigments Ref).

Other rocks having a similar structure, commonly called porphyritic, were used in Italy, and designated, in accordance with the predominating color, as porfido nero, porfido verde, etc.From 2008 to 2010, Im was a popular panelist on the variety show Quiz to Change the World, for which she was recognized at the MBC Entertainment Awards.In 2014, Im signed with the talent agency YG Entertainment.After a few years of forgettable television dramas, Im's career was revitalized by Kim Soo-hyun, one of the most famous TV writers in Korea.Among Kim's dramas that Im starred in were 사랑합시다 (1981), Yesterday and Tomorrow (1982), Love and Truth (1984), Love and Ambition (1987), Farewell (1994), and Childless Comfort (2012).

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(Reference from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia; Whitney, Smith, 191.

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