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He received more than 150,000 within 12 hours of sending his email to subscribers from both women and men.

Women thanked him for the improvements and men thanked him for cleaning up the site and eliminating some of their competition.

So you pick 30 words and you block those words and you solve the problem." To further reduce the number of men emailing women to try to hook up, Frind has eliminated the "Intimate Encounter" category of dating from his site.

paid ,000 as part of an undertaking for an alleged violation of Canada's Anti-Spam Law (CASL).

It was the second company in Canada to be punished by the CRTC under the enforcement of this legislation.

Another way POF is trying to encourage real relationships is to block communication between men and women who have greater than a 14-year age difference.

According to Frind, POF generates hundreds of thousands of relationships, and when subscribers leave the site, they let POF know who they left with.

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