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These were great because students would stop after each chapter and answer a variety of questions.

However, when I would turn the tables on them and ask them to write a question to accompany their reading, it was very hard for them to think beyond the literal questions and dig a little bit deeper.

Integration with existing ad publishers is there apart from integration with individual website and app owners, users can choose which way to go 5.

Like any other major ad engine, extensive control panel and reporting/analytics is in place, to an level that any extreme case would warrent 1.

Later in the year, I made another set that focused on specific reading skills we were working on. These task cards have different prompts for skills like inferring, cause & effect, sequencing, etc.

I am already looking forward to using these again this year with some TAG 3rd graders who I will be supporting once a week outside of the classroom and then students all the way up to my 5th graders.

Point based booking and incentives is in place, Pub Nub based simple chat system for messaging has been implemented 1.

When I taught 3rd grade, I created reading response packets and novel studies for almost every book we were reading.

I blogged about these cards on my other blog, Teaching With a Mountain View, and when I did that, I typed them up so that I could share them (You can get them FREE here! I love to see where student thinking is with these!

They are also great for getting students to start asking their own questions about reading in a more guided format.

They came very quickly, and they are just about as cheap as I could find them!

The core of application is backend, the website is just reflective of what application does while Mobile Apps are just demo weapons of it's capability 2.

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It's first Asian sport-matching app that connects one with potential sports partners at given level and in given area 2.

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