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See the WA DOL website for more information about organizational parking permits.If you have a handicapped placard or license plate from your home state and you're just visiting, you may use your parking permit in WA.Here, four mothers tell JENNY STOCKS their stories . They are parents to Ella-Rose, 12, Charles, nine, and 18-month-old twins William and Edward.Charles was diagnosed with Down’s syndrome at birth, cerebral palsy at six and autism at seven.

Up until the age of one, she seemed to be developing normally.

You are responsible for adhering to WA state and local parking regulations.

With a disabled parking placard or license plate, you can park in spaces designated specifically for persons with disabilities.

The Washington Department of Licensing (DOL) issues the following placards and license plates for handicapped parking: : If you order a license plate or parking tab, you can also get 1 placard.

Disability placards and plates are also available to organizations that transport people with disabilities.

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