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We've outlined four typical phases of a marathon training plan allowing for a total of 16 weeks until race day and the complimentary strength training phase.Adjust your strength training according to the indicated phase to build muscle, maintain strength, and finish your marathon goal feeling strong.The intensity is high since the lifts will be performed in an explosive fashion, but sets and reps are down to give runners a chance to recover.

These body-weight plyometrics can also serve another function of improving running form.The increased intensity in the weight room helps to improve a runner's relative strength—that is their strength relative to their body weight.Since running is a body-weight sport, an increase in relative strength means less chance of injury with each footfall."Distance running breaks down the muscles in the body and can result in a loss of strength, which in the end can slow you down," says Justin Klein, C. While most strength-training programs will be beneficial to a point, runners should look to tailor their routine to their marathon goals.This includes adjusting their lifting schedule to mirror their running training.

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