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I too noticed that a few recently asked questions cached in google are now deleted on yahoo´s system. Mark, Domain Keys seemed to increase the "chances" of going through.After installing Domain Keys we got a lot of messages (compared to none before) to go through, but then all of a sudden they started being sporadically blocked again.Mail accounts after waiting a reasonable amount of time, please let us know by replying directly to this email.It´s interesting to note that yahoo is now censoring their message boards with regards to this issue.I have seen a huge spam jump in the last month or so.

It seems this issue is impacting Yahoo´s own services as well. Of course their mail servers are having capacity issues. If you block the first attempt at delivery of each message, most legit servers will try again, and again, and again.

There appears to have been an incident involving capacity issues within our delivery infrastructure.

The error message "451 Message temporarily deferred - 4.16.50" indicates that our MTAs are currently experiencing heavy, unusual traffic.

Yesterday I Googled for "451 Message temporarily deferred yahoo" and today, serveral of threads on Yahoo´s message boards have now been deleted.

They were mostly from concerned legitimate users who were wondering why their e-mail were being delayed by hours if not days.

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