Dating a woman with a baby

She seems to be able to communicate what she wants and needs fairly effectively.So if you are attracted to her and you enjoy being around her I would say enjoy it.It seems his father is involved and that's a good thing.Just bear in mind, that her responsibility is to her child first and foremost - you are effectively at this moment in time a relative stranger.Her priority should be and will be to that child's needs before yours - but you seem sensible and will likely already have realized i'll be gawddamned!i was so in the lustin' after this dude jakeman(glenson), and now he's no longer. and here i was gonna put him in the middle of my squabbles, change diapers (the poopy ones that squesh out from all sides), ignore him from the other side of the couch, and make him pay for my child....he goes and deletes his profile!!!!! the dudes barely met her, much less banged her (maybe??? and ya'll be jumpin' the gun like they just ran to Vegas or something if you like her, date her.

You need to lay off big time and quit the whole every single woman is looking for someone else to raise their illegitimate child crap.i absolutely agree with dad2stay children do fall hard and thats why us women with kids are pretty picky on who comes into not only our lives and our kids lives.

If it gets to the point that you are talking about commiting to each other I am sure other things will come into play.

I'm a single mom, and I am 20 with a 2 year old and am dating a guy whos 19( whos not the father), my son still sees his father and my bf and my sons dad have met and get alone like friends so that depends on you, but no it doesn't make things easy with time ya'll get alone, but it has worked out great for us, I dont expect him to be a father but to be sweet to my kid, and it works out they go play ball and stuff, So really if you like her, you try it out, but if your case ends up anythign like mine the kid grows on you too, and you realize how not big a deal it is that she has a kid, don't let your friends bust your ball neither, imagain if you were her, wouldnt you want people to give you a chance too?

Talk about the visitaiton schedule, make sure no real drama..aren't crazy.don't get her pregnant :)You're young and have plenty of time to recover from this ..... I will say that young kids in the picture will make dating with her very different. [IANAL; the following should not be taken as legal advice] Depending on the legal jurisdiction, cohabitating for a prolonged period of time with the mother and child(ren) may cause him to become responsible to pay child support. There are plenty of women with amazing credentials that don't have kids.

I'm not talking long term future stuff - I'm talking about next week when you have Christmas dinner with her and the kids .... You can not date just her, if things work between you two the kids will be around and often. That's just my mentality though (and probably the same with the people who say that you are crazy).

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