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The boyfriend usually deals well with minor typographical errors but sometimes assumes a misspelling when a word is spelled correctly by the human user.On some occasions, the boyfriend's grammar is awkward, even by chat standards.Other content such as clothing and adornments for the virtual boyfriend can also be purchased.The boyfriend can also be given a different facial appearance.

" is simply a line the chat engine acquired from a female user, and the chat engine isn't advanced enough to identify the line as untypical for a male character.For this reason, the boyfriend or boyfriends will be considered a single entity for the purposes of this article and referred to in the singular.According to 36 You Games' Japanese language website, as of 13 November 2012, Boyfriend Maker was ranked the number one free i Phone app in Japan and had been among the top ten overall apps in Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan.At times, the virtual boyfriend's statements suggest an awareness of being a robot.In one user-posted conversation, the virtual boyfriend states, "Besides the fact that I have no arms, legs, or torso, I'm very comfortable with my body." While very few people familiar with chat bots would think (based on a lengthy chat) that the Boyfriend Maker virtual boyfriend is human, this chat bot's quirky, awkward or unexpected responses may be part of its appeal.

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