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This site is designed to be a haven for all gay Christians, whichever view they take.

However, as Christians, we do believe that sex should be taken seriously, and we don’t support the promiscuity and sexual looseness that are often a part of the secular world.

But many gay people have also married a member of the opposite sex and even raised a family in an attempt to change their inner feelings.

Even so, on the inside, they still remain attracted to their own sex. The vast majority of ex-gays admit to continuing same-sex attractions, even though they may not say so in their public testimonies.

After all, no one can really know how another person feels inside.

If we do take people at their word, what we find is this: Most gay people have tried to become straight at some point in their lives.

She is still heterosexual, but she is no longer engaging in heterosexual intercourse.

Often, people who say they “came out of homosexuality” mean only that they stopped engaging in homosexual sex.

A gay person is someone who is physically and emotionally attracted to the same sex, unlike the majority of people, who are attracted to the opposite sex.

It is not currently known why some people are gay when the majority are straight, although there are a number of theories.

Many gay Christians have spent years of their lives praying for God to make them straight, and a lot of us have combined prayer with Christian therapy, support groups, psychological treatments, or other methods of seeking change.

Some have even undergone controversial therapies like shock treatment, hoping it would help them become straight.

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